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Outcome not working


Hope you are having a nice day! Smiley Happy

I have a problem with one of the eight outcomes I created in my course: it doesn't work. The rest of them do but it's just one who doesn't. So when I check the students' outcomes reports, that outcome does not show the average percentage, it's blank. That's weird because that outcome, as well as the other seven ones, seem to be perfectly aligned with their artifacts. 

Thank you! 


Screenshot of outcome not working

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Hi  @belen_rojas . I hope you are having a nice day, as well! (Even if things are not going quite according to plan for you!)  This is really tricky to try to diagnose and you may have to get Canvas Support involved or at least check in with support at your local institution.  

I would suggest starting by heading back to that aligned items screen and then clicking on the name of the item in question to trace which rubric it was used with.  There's where things can get tricky, because there is no way to trace a rubric back to an assignment--unless I'm missing something significant.  (Though I encourage you to vote up this Feature Idea that could use plenty of love: .)

After identifying the assignment in question, are you certain that you dutifully recorded the score for each student within the rubric?  And by recording the score, I mean clicking within the rubric on the appropriate column.  As a colleague of mine and I learned the hard way at our own institution, merely recording a score for the criteria is not enough to trigger an outcome report; one must click within the rubric.    Also--while I am not 100% certain on whether this is true or not--be sure the assignment is unmuted.  (Again, I cannot recall if that affects the outcome report or not; I may be totally wrong on this.)

But I do not have any other brilliant suggestions; as I said, this may be something to take up with your local Canvas administrator and/or report to Canvas Support (Help>>Report a Problem) to have them take a deeper dive into your course.

I hope this helps a bit Belen; if not, I'd like to hear what the solution was to learn myself!  

Thank you Ken!

The thing is that I just checked and that outcome not working is not aligned to any rubric, just to assessed quizzes. The rest of outcomes are aligned with both assessed quizzes and rubrics and they work, Do you think that might be the problem? 

Thanks again!


Hi again Belen - I will be the first to admit that I have not had much experience with Outcomes and quizzes, specifically....only Outcomes with assignment rubrics.  That said, it appears from scanning through some answers from more-informed colleagues in the Community that this may be an issue with the "traditional" (old) quiz engine in that they must come from question banks.  It also appears that Quizzes.Next may provide some solutions...but I do not have direct experience yet with Quizzes.Next in this regard.  Take a look at these two threads:

Perhaps those may assist?  I'm sorry that I can't offer much more at this point based on my own experience!

Thank you again,  @kblack . Those links are very helpful Smiley Happy

Have a nice day!


Two questions for clarity:

1. If it's a classic (standard) quiz, did you attach the Outcome to a question bank? If so, when? The outcome needs to be attached before a Quiz submission from a student. They do not back-populate if done after submissions have been made.

2. If it's a Quizzes.Next quiz, those Outcomes do not report back to the standard Outcome report. You will need to look at the Quizzes.Next item Outcome report to see the results.

Thank you so much, Brian! 

Yes, the outcome was attached to a question bank (classic quiz) when the course was created. I did the same with the other seven outcomes (but they are also aligned to rubrics apart from quizzes ... ).