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Outcomes Alignment Lost During Assignment Import


We have a department level assignment that aligns with department level Outcomes. The same assignment is used in every one of 23 sections of the course in this department. However, there seems to be no way to simply align the Outcomes with the Assignment rubric, and then import the assignment and rubric - every import of the assignment looses the Outcomes alignment.

Is there some way to create the assignment and outcomes alignment once, and import it into all of the needed courses without having to re-align the outcomes each time? Does anyone know of a good work-a-round for this?

Thanks for any information in advance!

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Hi Gretchen,

I tested this out and was able to import an assignment with an outcome aligned rubric successfully, since it requires multiple steps I thought it better to show in this screencast.

I think this answer's your question, but let me know how this works for you.

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The problem that  @dehartg  described may be a problem with IU's Canvas instance.  I am a colleague of hers and I was able to reproduce the problem.  When a course is copied or imported, outcomes in the imported/copied rubrics are converted to regular rubric criteria.  They lose their association with the outcomes. I was able to successfully copy the rubric from another course using the Find Rubric feature in the assignments tool.  I'll get this reported.

Thanks for updating the Community,  @leward . For now, we'll put this question into "assumed answered" status. Please let us know the results of the support ticket.

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Hi  @clong ​.  Me again.  I just took a look at your video.  I did some additional testing and here's what I am seeing in our instance.  If I import the entire course, The outcomes associations in the rubrics are retained.  However, if I opt to select content, Outcomes are not listed as something that can be copied, even though two complete outcomes sets were imported from the parent node into the original course.  I'll report this to Instructure and see if we can't get to the bottom of the problem.

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 @leward ‌, were you able to get anywhere on this?

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I just stumbled across this issue with our Canvas instance. We are starting to roll out Outcomes in our courses, but I just copied a course that had Outcomes aligned in a rubric for an assignment. Upon copy, the rubrics lost alignment with the Outcomes. Is anyone else still experiencing this issue?

I know this thread is about 3.5 years old, but I didn't see any resolution to this or not.