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Overriding automatic statuses

We are K12 and have teachers create assignments where they accept both digital and paper work from their students. In order to allow students to submit a file or link, they have to designate the file type as a digital submission, which triggers the missing label for any submission. Is there anything in the works for this use case? Rather than looking just at submissions, can to script look to see if a non-zero grade has been entered for an assignment. I would think that in the majority of cases, if teacher's have entered a non-zero grade for an assignment, it has been submitted by the student.

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 @audra_agnelly ‌,

The missing submission status is tied to the due date of the assignment, so the students that submitted their assignments on paper are marked as missing in Canvas once the due date you set for the online submissions has passed. 

I agree that it would make sense to have the missing status automatically removed when a grade is entered. Fortunately, there is a way to manually override the status when inputting the grades.

If you click on this icon in one of the grading cells it will open up the grade detail tray.

Icon in grading cell that opens the grade details tray.

From the grade detail tray you can enter the student's grade and change the status from missing to none.

Grade detail tray that allows you to update the student

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Thanks  @levi_magnus ‌, we're aware of how to manually change the status from missing to none, but this places the onus on our teachers to change that status one by one for students who've turned in work on paper. In our K-12 district, we have teachers who want students to have options in how they submit work. If they choose the 'on paper' option for the submission type, student who do the work digitally can't upload their assignments, and if they use a digital submission option the student who submit paper immediately get flagged as missing. Since we have parent observers who also see this missing flag, teachers are getting emails from parents and they have to explain what's going on. While the automatic flags are a 'cool' feature, there's a lack of flexibility with it for our users.

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Priority: Assignments 2.0‌ includes "Require more than one submission type (url AND file upload OR Text Entry)" in its teacher plan. Would teachers be able to combine digital and nondigital submission types (ie. file upload AND on paper)? In K12, we have teachers accepting both forms of work, which is posing an issue with the automatic application of the missing flag when a student chooses to submit by paper. How would Priority: Assignments 2.0‌ address the missing flags in this use case?

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Thanks for replies, I also have a similar problem with 250 student it is exceptionally tedious to mark the missing/non missing.  There is an option to turn off the automatically marked as missing but what I would really love is a way to have any nonzero marked as not missing and alternatively any assignment that has no grade assigned (either from a digital or paper submission) be marked as missing.  

TL;DR  Look into a way we can globally change all the submissions on a particular assignment instead of student by student.  

 @mitchelljorgens ‌, you said "There is an option to turn off the automatically marked as missing". Where is that option? I see where you can turn on/off an automatic grade for a missing assignment, but not where you can prevent an assignment from getting labeled "missing"/coded red in the gradebook..

You may be right. I just remembered the automatic grading thing. I think

though my point is still valid that you should be able to apply a status to

a whole bunch of kids at once.

Mitchell Jorgensen M.Ed.

cell: 801-769-6823

On Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 8:46 AM <

Bummer Mitchell, you got my hopes up, I thought I had missed an update. But, yes, the ability to turn the automation off for an assignment or the whole gradebook would be appreciated by many of my teachers. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Audra,

There are a couple of feature ideas you may want to vote on and add your thoughts if you haven't already: 

Hope that helps!