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If I understand the Guides correctly, using the "No Submission" or "Paper Submission" types, an assignment will automatically be removed from a student's to do list after the due date has passed.

If the assignment is marked as missing by the teacher, then does it go back on the To Do list for students or where does this notification show up for them? If not, what is the best practice for communicating to students the work still needs to be completed and/or turned in?

Goal - we want to make Canvas gradebook an accurate reflection of learner's course grade, and in turn are asking teachers to post all grades, even for in-class activities and paper assignments, in the Canvas gradebook. As a result, we want to know what best practices people recommend for doing this and clearly communicating to students and parents whether or not they have completed and/or turned in the work.  

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Hi @CarlaD07 

I'm not sure if it will go back on the To Do list, but I would guess that it does not as it shows work that is coming up.  You could test this with the test student account. My test of this showed it did not add it back to the to do list. 

As far as communicating to students, have you explored sending messages through the gradebook? 

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Also, I would direct parents to review the gradebook which clearly marks late and missing work. 

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