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Permission to access Common's Assignment

I have posted some assignments to the Commons and when my collegues go to download it, it says "permission required to access" or something similar to that.  How do I allow them to access the assignments?  How can I prevent this in the future?  Thank you!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @nichole_chaffee and welcome to the Community!  We use Commons frequently and have not run into the permission page you mentioned.  However, mostly we share with our entire institution and the resources are only accessed by individuals at our institution.  In these documents Sharing and Licensing are described, What information do I need to share a resource to Commons?What types of sharing options are available in Commons? . You can see that documents can be shared with a particular institution, groups, or consortiums.  Is it possible that someone outside of who the resource is shared with is attempting to access the material or that somehow they are not accessing Commons from an account where the user would recognized as being part of the group with whom the resource is shared?  Just wondering if you have seen any pattern in who can/cannot access the resource without requesting permission.  Also, this document shows that when filtering results from Commons, one can select to view only approved resources, How do I use Commons?.  It is possible that assignments are not an approved resource at your institution?