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Permissions & Hiding default Course roles

We are at the beginning of our Canvas journey and I've been tasked to replicated the permissions available to the teaching staff in our current VLE. Currently staff are able to view all courses in their school and enroll themselves in any course as either a Teacher or an Internal Verifier (non-editing teacher).

The solution put forward so far is to create a Teacher Admin role that has the Account Permissions:

  • Courses - view list 
  • Course Content  view 
  • Users - add / remove teachers, course designers, or TAs from courses

This allows them to add the Course roles teacher, course designer and TA's. 

Is there a way to alter the Account role to only add certain Course roles?

Or can certain Course roles be hidden from being seen by certain Account roles?

How have you handled this or similar in your institution? 


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I'd love to see someone's solution to this also.