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I am a first grade teacher and have previously used Weebly to blog my students' days. They would record video of their learning and I would post pictures telling about our day. I am at a new school and am not allowed to use weebly. I am trying to determine how I can create a blog within Canvas. I wondered if I should do it through announcements? The problem that I have had is adding pictures. Some pics have been added and they are upside down and within Canvas I am not able to rotate them.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thank you!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @jaime_brunson ​...

The issue with your pictures not displaying correctly is something that will have to be fixed "offline" using a graphics editing program (something as simple as MS Paint in Windows will work).  Then, you'll be able to upload the picture to Canvas.  I'm not exactly sure where you captured the picture (on your phone, a camera, etc.), but there have been some similar questions and Feature Ideas floating around the Community that may be of help:

Profile Pictures showing sideways

Rotate embedded images in discussions?

Since your question about how to write a blog may have several different ideas and suggestions, I'm going to switch your posted question from a "Question" (where a "Correct" answer can be marked) to a "Discussion" (where there may be multiple "Correct" responses).  I hope this is okay with you.