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Pinning discussion replies

Is there a way of pinning discussion replies so they appear at the top? I am working with an instructor who would like a specific reply to the the first reply students see after the original post.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @mariana-colombo , it's not really "pinning," but I've found that if I'm the first person to reply to one of my discussions then my post is the first right under the discussion directions. Otherwise, no, there isn't a way to move a post that wasn't the first one to the top.

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Hi  @mariana-colombo ‌,

Though there isn't an official way to pin a reply of a discussion, there is a work around that the instructor may be able to use.

If the instructor enables the 'Allow liking' option in the discussion and then enables the two sub-options "only graders can like' and 'Sort by likes' the instructor can then 'like' the post(s) that they want to appear at the top.

This guide explains how to enable liking:

How do I allow students to like replies in a discussion? 

This guide explains how to like a post: 


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi ~ Since there hasn't been activity on this discussion for several weeks, I'm going to mark it as "Assumed Answered".  @mariana-colombo ‌, your question could easily be converted into a Feature Idea. See‌ and‌. If you create an idea, please share it here. That way, if others have your same question and find this thread after a search, they will also be directed to an idea for voting. Smiley Happy

akkaufmann Nice Work in providing that workaround for pinning a discussion reply. A colleague of mine asked me this question this week and you saved me some brain cycles. I'll share this question and your answer with her. :smileylaugh:

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Thank you SO much!!

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Yes, this needs to be a feature. It certainly is on Desire 2 Learn.  As the instructor, I often want to insert a comment into a group discussion that all students will see to guide the discussion, get it back on track, make a comment, or add additional information the students should consider.  It is impossible to do it.  The "allow liking" work-around is not a viable option, since I also enable my students to "like".  It shouldn't be that hard for Canvas to fix this.