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Plagiarism Detection Programs

I am looking for information on alternate plag detection programs.  In the past, we used Turnitin and then switched to Vericite.  However, since those two have merged, we are now on the hunt once again.

I am looking at PlagScan and Unicheck - anyone have experiences with either of these?  Pros and cons?

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Hi  @lecia_sims1 ,

I will admit up front that I have not used either of these two tools. From the 30 seconds of research that I dedicated to this, I found that they're "essentially" the same price, and the only reason for the "essentially" word is because it's all the other stuff that matters.

Check out this list if you're not locked into one of those two;

Given that all plagiarism checkers basically all work the same way, here are my two main points to consider;

- What is the overall cost to the school or the students? Contract costs (if any) plus the per-scan cost.

- Integration - not required, but it sure is nice, just sayin

and at the end of the day, if budget is the number one concern among the bean counters, then consider - it's free  😃

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We are in the same boat. We migrated to Vericite last summer from TurnItIn due to usability and lack of support.

I'm not sure what direction we are going but like the simplicity of Vericite. Users reported no problems.

I'm afraid TurnItIn is following the same business model of another LMS. 

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Exactly! Buy out your best competition and then discontinue their product! So disappointing.

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The same for us. We were so excited about VeriCite and moved to it in December. I do see that Unicheck is integrated with the Canvas plagiarism detection framework. Here's a video that shows how it works: Using Unicheck Plagiarism Checker in Canvas - YouTube . I'm not finding anything that shows that PlagScan integrates with the Canvas plagiarism detection framework. 

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Sheree are you using Unicheck?  If so what has been your experience?  


We had just moved to Vericite this spring & boom they sell out.  I had to tell all faculty to remove the links and info in their classes for fall.  I am looking into Unicheck and PlagScan and will share any info I receive.  I did find that PlagScan integrates with Canvas.  API integration and plugins | PlagScan 

Fingers crossed that one of these works and is a reasonable price that they bean counters will be happy with.

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I look forward to what you find as we are investigating a Canvas integrated solution too.

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Out of curiosity, why is your institution running from Turnitin?