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Plagiarism Plugin?

What are some good plugins/LTIs to check for plagiarism in submitted assignments/gradebook?

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Following - I am also interested in knowing this.

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Dear @Shannon Giedieviells, thank you for your question. Let me recommend you a plagiarism checking tool named Unicheck. Unicheck provides a quick and seamless native integration with Canvas and other LMSs. This software supports more than 20 languages and successfully serves more than 100 thousand educators from 1,100 academic institutions in 69 countries. 

Unicheck's powerful, always improving technology is able to spot the most popular and advanced plagiarism techniques. Our comprehensive interactive report is generated within a few minutes after submission, so you won't have to worry about any unexpected changes or long completion time.

Spending no more than 20 seconds per page, Unicheck's real-time search covers over 40 billion pages across the Internet and open-access databases. Unicheck also searches your institution's database of student submissions, as well as the web index. We strive to deliver only the most accurate and up-to-date results, so we make sure that any broken or outdated links do not appear in our reports.

Here you may check the detailed guidelines on Unicheck integration with Canvas. 

Canvas Plagiarism Framework Integration 

Video Tutorials 

How to Use Unicheck in Canvas

If you need help with setup or any other questions arise, you can always contact our helpful support team at