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Please consider SCORM for Free for Teachers

This coronavirus has pushed many of us online.  I can't run scorm packages with the Free for Teachers account.  Please consider allowing this while we try to deal with this virus.

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Hi  @fvallera . We were doing some research to see if this would be possible because we want to help in any way we can during this time. Unfortunately, this is not going to be possible in the short term as we are not able to estimate the additional load on our systems if we were to enable SCORM for every current and future user on the FFT instance of Canvas.  

Hello Adam, 

Thank you for your reply. I understand it is hard to estimate the additional load on your system if SCORM is allowed for FFT accounts. But is there an alternative available for teachers? I know my SCORM package can be converted to a plain .zip file with a .html file and a "data" folder inside. Is there a way I can upload this type of .zip files and assign as a quiz/test in Canvas?

I don't think the zip file would work but if you can find a way to convert your SCORM package to a Common Cartridge package you might be able to get that to work with 

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I have great courses built in Articulate Rise but can not upload them to Canvas Free for Teachers due to the inability to import SCORM packages. Will this be updated in Canvas at some point?