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Possible to prevent assignments from showing literally "everything" that's handed in?

In my class, I use the assignments function for both homework and shorter tasks, as well as hand-ins, tests and bigger submissions. It is only this latter category I want to have in my (and the students') overview, as these  "count" more directly on the students final grade. When I use this function for both homework and longer hand-ins, the "assignments" page looks quite messy for both instructor and students. Is there a way to permanently filter the assignments page, so that only assignments that "count" are included in the students overview?

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The assignments page is mostly organized for instructors to sort assignments into the gradebook.  However, the assignments tab can be hidden from students (in course settings > navigation just drag it to the bottom half of the list and click save at the bottom of the screen) and it will still appear to teachers.  Then the module tab can be displayed to students with all activities organized in the way instructors want the class to access the activities.  Modules serve as folders or groups, so that activities can be organized by week or by activity, depending on the way you want it presented.