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Practical Limit on Number of Quizzes and Sections?

Hi, like many I guess I need to assess a large group online (January) - it has to be MCQ (specification of the course says so) and I have no access to proctoring software for this. So I'm planning to set a large number of different quizzes, allocating a small group of students to each one (there are about 360 students in total).

The question I have is what are the practical limits on the number of quizzes/sections, and how well does Canvas 'behave' when the number gets large. I've used this approach before, but with a smaller number of groups/students - about 45 students and 7 groups. This time I'm thinking more like 48-60 (for long and boring reasons, multiples of 12 are convenient).

I can generate as many quizzes as I want in QTI - so the limit really is Canvas (and me). Given as far as I can tell I have to manually assign students to sections, and then manually allocate and configure the quizzes, I'm thinking 60 is about the limit. But if Canvas is going to fall over if I try to do that, or something unhelpful is likely to happen (I have no idea what), then maybe lower is better.

Thanks in advance:-)

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OK, to answer my own question - this worked fine with (in the end) 63 quizzes (I'd planned 60 but a few "special case" groups came up).