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I include requirements and prerequisites because I do NOT want students moving on to the later modules without having completed an earlier assignment (in this case, midterm exam). However, apparently a student who did not complete the requirement has been able to complete assignments that appear in later modules. I am trying to figure out how this might be possible.

I have set my grade book "late policy" to mark missing assignments as zero. So if the student has a grade of zero entered for a required assignment that remains "missing", is this why the student is able to complete later assignments, having bypassed the required prerequisite assignment? 

How can I REMOVE that automatic zero from the required "missing" assignment so as to NOT allow the student to move on until he has completed the missing assignment? Basically, make this prerequisite assignment an exception to the grade book setting so that NO grade is automatically entered if it remains "missing"?

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Hello @lshulman 

I think I know what might have happened, and how you can fix it. When you set the requirements for the prerequisite module, you did not select a minimum score (must score at least) they must achieve on the mid-term exam in order to move to the next module. Instead, you chose one of the other two options.

The quick fix is to edit that module and choose some minimum for your midterm that could only be achieved if they actually attempted the quiz, even one point will work.

There is also a chance you did not set the subsequent module to require successful completion of the previous module with the mid-term. Restricting module access in this manner is a two-part operation.

I hope these help, but please let us know.


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