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Printing from New Quizzes

For our midterms and finals we are required to submit a "hard copy." Is there a way to print what I've spent hours working on? New Quizzes does not have a "print" feature. 

Also, screenshotting each question is not acceptable. 

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I would like to clarify that I was in discussion with Canvas representatives through their chat as well as e-mail in regards to this thread's question. The response given to me was that because Canvas is designed to be 100% online, there is no possible way to print from the "New Quizzes" quiz assignment. 

Of course they do mention that you could do a screenshot of each question or copy and paste each question (with each of the answer options) over to another program and print from there. I have inserted a picture of the e-mail without the representative's name, but did include the reference number for legitimacy. 

Canvas E-mail

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 @sallen3 , greetings! I definitely understand your frustration. We have a number of faculty who need printed copies of their quizzes for various and legitimate reasons. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to do this with new quizzes. I did a search in the New Quizzes User Group and in the Open Ideas for new quizzes, the top two vote-getters are - &" modifiedtitle="true" t.... My recommendation is to vote and comment on both of these.  

The rest of the information I've included below is not going to help you since you are using new quizzes, but I'm going to add it here in case someone using legacy quizzes comes across this post.

This is our current workaround - Print Canvas Quizzes UserScript

I also stumbled on this option that was just posted early this week, but it's also for legacy quizzes - How to Print Canvas Quizzes. Side note: We just tested this in our office and WOW does it print nice. The formatting makes it look like a "real" exam. 5 gold stars!


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The Legacy Quizzes, being the old quizzes, already has the printing option. But our principal is asking us to tag standards to each question so that they can be traced for data purposes. Old Quizzes does not assist with this. That's why I was more focused on the printing from New Quizzes. 

Also, it is protocol for us to print out our midterms and finals for submission to be 1) looked over for approval and 2) have a copy for record purposes. That's when the problem arose that we cannot print the exam. 

Again, thank you for the assistance!

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Hello @sallen3 ,

Did you ever find an easier way to print New Quizzes than taking screenshots of each question?

Thanks for any update!


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This is not a solution, people.

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Really needing this option. I cannot understand why this isn't a very high priority. To use this in senior schooling we need the ability to hand in copies of students tests and rubrics to the education board for moderation.

Thanks for the effort, but the question is specifically asking about printing New Quizzes, so this answer is pretty much useless, and it shouldn't be marked as a 'Solution'; this is misleading.