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Printing from New Quizzes

For our midterms and finals we are required to submit a "hard copy." Is there a way to print what I've spent hours working on? New Quizzes does not have a "print" feature. 

Also, screenshotting each question is not acceptable. 

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@lepeskaj @sallen3 @fjamour 

I am not sure if this will work with New Quizzes, but you can give it a try.  I do not use new quizzes yet, so I have not tried it out.

This is a chrome extension that will create a pdf file from the page you are looking at.  It is not as nice as the javascript that is available for classic quizzes, but it is a possibility.

I really hate having to use work arounds, but if they get my job done now, it is a big help.

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New Quizzes really need to be able to be printed, Not all students have tech options.

screenshots are not an option because of various question types, Drop down menus, etc may not show the options when screenshots are used. 
Also printing allows for ESE and ELL accommodations.

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Please add an option to print.  We have students with disabilities who need a hard copy.  We have situations where our teachers need to submit a printed version of assessments.  We have students who need print options for access reasons... etc.