Problem using Apps in "Student View" mode

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I am using the Perusall App with Canvas.  I would like to test out what students see once I create the assignment in Perusall.  As an instructor, everything works well with the LTI integration.  But in "Student View",  Perusall prints the error message:

"Your LMS is configured incorrectly; the LMS is not sending the name and email address of the user to Perusall. See our support site for more information about LMS integrations."

Is this a "Student View" problem in Canvas or is there something set up incorrectly with Perusall or the App Configuration for Perusall?



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@hagedorn This is an "issue" with the student view.  The test student that the student view uses is not a real Canvas account so many LTI or 3rd party integrations cannot detect the required information to allow access to their content.  Perusall requires the name and email address of the user to create an account on the Perusall side and the test student does not have those.

Hope this helps!


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