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Problems Grading

I have been using Canvas for years now and I find the Teacher app extremely helpful for grading. I can annotate with my pencil on my iPad and it saves me a lot of time.

Recently I started using the free version since the new students have not been able to get their school accounts set (Covid has slowed us down and the IT department is overwhelmed). 

Using the free version I am able to do everything I can do on the paid version except for grading on the app.

  • The to-do list appears empty as if I have graded every assignment (which is far from the case). 
  • I can load the assignments form the sidebar and I can see all the submissions and which ones are not graded, but when I open them, they appear all empty as if the student did not upload any file or text (again not the case because I can see the submissions from the web)
  • I have tried reinstalling the app, switching between wifi and 4g, and the problem continues

Is anybody having the same issue? 

P.S I tried logging in with the paid account and created a test assignment, and in there I AM able to do the grading normally without an issue. So I am confused about whether this is a paid feature that is not available for free users. 

Looking forward to possible suggestions/solutions. 

Best regards!

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