Problems with Quizzes.Next multiple choice format

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Hi all:

I've had a problem show up twice in quizzes I've built in Quizzes.Next, namely, possible answers to multiple choice questions are disappearing from the versions of a quiz that I've created after I've saved and published the quiz. The only parameter I'm using that is different from the original Canvas quiz tool, and that is consistent across the quizzes has been using the shuffle option. What's happened has been odd - in the first quiz, possible answers just disappeared, though some of the feedback remained; while in the second quiz, not only did multiple possible answers (to one multiple choice question) disappear, but extra slots got created within my quiz that I did not generate. The only possible thing I can think of that I did was to change question type after the question template was generated.

Any help would be appreciated - this has been quite frustrating.

FYI I'm attaching a screenshot of the second of the quizzes I've created using Quizzes.Next - I'd assumed the first time that it was my error. I only started to think there's a larger issue when it happened a second time.