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Proctor tool Integration with Canvas LMS

Hello Canvas,

I'm wanted to know the idea of Proctoring tool integration through the LTI with Canvas LMS.

I have a proctoring tool which will be supported on the below-mentioned points. 
I wanted to know the technical feasibility to achieve the same.

1. Injecting our JS script plugin in the assignments/quiz to start and stop
    the proctoring process for the students.
2. IFrame based assessment proctoring, in this case when the request is
    initiated we load the proctoring script and load the assignment/quiz page
    in an IFrame to the proctor.
         For option 2 to work Canvas LMS platform should support IFrame rendering and we should get a request with the student test URL

Let us know anyone of the above-mentioned points are technically feasible in Canvas LMS integration, this will help me a lot.


Awaiting your response.

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I think this would be great to share with the Canvas developer group. 

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Hello All. Some thoughts to share here. All of this is possible, but remember (I learned this the hard way) that iframes don't ever allow any cross-domain data sharing. Meaning that your procotoring iframe can absolutely exist on it's own, but will not get live data such as mouse movements, scroll etc, from the main canvas page--unless you create a separate script and embed in the Canvas template specifically to connect the two.

Otherwise you will essentially need to enable content-item delivery (LTI 1.1) or deep linking (LTI 1.3), and enable the app to show up in the rich text editor so that you can select a specific link and return it using the content-item delivery spec. Honestly I am stuck on this a bit myself, so if anyone can offer guidance around a comprehensible interpretation of content-item delivery where the user selects from a series of links in the RCE modal and the item is delivered back to the RCE in an iframe that would be excellent.

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