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Program Assessment- Gathering Evidence

Hello Canvas Community!

We're looking for a way for an anonymous panel of faculty to do program-level assessment using the data generated by outcomes/rubrics and assignment submissions in Canvas. Here are some of our criteria (so far):

  • Canvas integration. We would like to be able to take assignments submitted into normal Canvas assignments. We don't want students to have to submit into an external system. (LTI integration seems to mean different things to different people.
  • Take a sampling of work (assignment submissions) and course-level assessment results (data from rubrics/outcomes) from Canvas, and have an anonymous panel perform a secondary assessment.
  • Includes an ePortfolio that will allow students to display a variety of evidence (images, sound, video) that will follow the students through their school career, and ideally allow students to add to the portfolio from submitted assignments, and have assessments tied to ePortfolio. (We're aware of the Canvas ePortfolio, but it has some shortcomings).

Canvas does course-level assessment really well, but we need to be able to do secondary assessment. Are any of you doing this with another product? Something you built yourself?

The one thing Canvas seems to be missing is keeping assessment data connected to actual submitted files (evidence).

Thanks in advance,

Jenn Steplowski

 @tchilt ​

With shout outs to our CSM Deactivated user​.

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Community Team
Community Team

 @jstepl ​

I love your question and what you are seeking.  When I was an administrator of Canvas for a college we were finding ways to do this, but it is very manual.  Instructors would tell me what classes they wanted artifacts for and I would download them and provide them to the assessment committee chair.

I am going to share your idea with the Canvas Admins​ group, for I'm sure many of them have similar questions or have found ways to do this.  Something you may consider is also submitting a Canvas Feature Idea​.  I searched existing ideas and found similar ideas related to accreditation documentation, but not exactly what you are looking for.  I can see how the two topics are intertwined though.

 @Renee_Carney ​, thank you so much for the suggestion and for sharing this! I was also searching for a feature requests but didn't find anything quite like it- I'm glad you didn't either! I will definitely submit a feature request.

Many thanks!

Jenn &

 @tchilt ​

Hi all,

I've created a feature request for this item: ​. Please vote if you are in a similar position.

Many thanks!