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Provide Excel file to students for Exam or timed assignment?

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I have an exam where the students download an Excel file, work problems, fill it in and upload it.

It's an asynchronous class and the students start at different times and have a time limit.

I can do time limits on quizzes, but can't figure out how to provide the file.

I can provide the file for an assignment, but can't figure out how to have a time limit based on when each student starts.


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@ts99 We have several faculty that use the file upload type for the question type (available in both classic and new quizzes) and then link the file almost the exact same way you would in an assignment to the body/directions for the question.  You could also link it in the directions for the entire quiz if that is the only question.  

You are just using the upload file option in Classic Quizzes RCE since it is an option/button there.  If you are using New quizzes there is an extra step as uploading a file in the question body itself is not a button.  So, first upload it to your Canvas course's "files" area and then get the link for it.  Then in the question body you can use the link tool (in the RCE) to link to the file you uploaded.  New Quizzes is still being developed so I hope they add the ability to upload files right in the question body like classic quizzes can.

Creating this in New Quizzes:


Create this in Classic Quizzes:


Hope this helps!


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