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Published Page Not Appearing for Student

I know this question has been asked a lot but I feel my problem is a little unique.   I'm setting up a Course in Canvas with Mastery Path's activated.  I'm working on the first module.  The Module is set up like this: 

First, students read a page.  Second, they take a quiz that is worth 16 points.  If they get less than 14 points they are supposed to be taken to another page (where they review the information) and another quiz.  If they get 14 or more points they are just taken taken to another assignment.  

The first page in the Module is visible, so no worries there.  But the second page- the page that they are taken to if the score less than 14 points- is not visible.  I activated the page in Mastery Paths.  I added it as one of the options that becomes available if students score less than 14 points on the first quiz.  I made sure it was published.  I made sure the Module itself is published.  Despite checking all these possible factors, the page is still not visible to students.  The first page is, and so are all the quizzes and assignments.  Any ideas on what is causing this?

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