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Purpose of Template option when sharing a module to the Commons

I saw the Template option when submitting a module to the Commons.  I thought that would make a module template that I could repeatedly import for different modules.  I have some HTML on each page that I would like to reuse instead of reformatting it each time.

However, when I import the Template from the Commons, it replaces a module that already exists.

Is that not the purpose of the Template option?  If not, what is it for?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there, @educatexan ...

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any documentation within the Commons Guides on what the designation "Template" means under the new area called "Content Type (Optional)" when sharing a resource to Commons.  My guess (and this is only a guess) is that the "Template" checkbox doesn't really have any purpose other than designating that it is a resource that you want to designate as a "template".  I don't know that marking it as such would actually do anything when you import it from Common into another course.  It might be a designation for others to know that you've designed a module (or a course) with template elements that people just need to fill in their own content using the template that you've chosen to share to Commons.  Marking your shared resource as a "Template" also helps people when they are searching for content within you can filter content looking only for "Templates".

I hope this helps a bit.  Let Community members know if you have other questions about this...thanks.