Putting correct answer in "general answer comment" for essay question, getting an error

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I have an the instructor for an upper level course, which requires students answer essay questions.  While creating my exam in Canvas, I am trying to put the correct answers within the "general answer comment" box, so that when I grade the exams, I can see the correct answers and when I review exams with students they can see the correct answer.  However, I continue to get this error message "Unexpected error, ID: 113714308" when updating the question.  This has happened to me multiple times on varying length answers.  Sometimes I get the error when the answer is 300 words, sometimes 800 words, sometimes 500 words.  At first I thought there may be a word limit to the answer, but I haven't found anything about that in the community guides (except for numerical answers).  But then I am receiving this message at different word counts.  So I am at a lose as to why I continue to get this error.  When this happens Canvas will not update the question, so if I navigate away I lose the answer I just entered.  Any help or information about this would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Hello there, @carrie_preite ...

Since you are getting an error message like that when trying to add general answer comments to your quiz questions, I think I would recommend that you reach out to the Canvas Help Desk folks to get further help.  They may know what that error ID number refers to, and they may be able to help find a solution for you based on that error.  To contact the Help Desk, please use this document: How do I contact Canvas Support? - Instructure Community.  Also, please come back to this topic to provide an update once you have been able to get this resolved.  Thanks, and good luck!

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