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Qualtrics LTI

Does anyone have information about a possible LTI from Qualtrics?  I know that there are potential API integration opportunities but am hoping for more information.


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Looks like the University of Michigan tried to create one for their LMS: Qualtrics LTI - LIA 2015 - YouTube

The YouTube video has comments disabled so it might be hard to find more information about it. They are switching from Sakai to Canvas so you might see something come from them soon!

Update from Qualtrics is to keep your eyes open in September!

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Yes, we developed a Qualtrics LTI tool at UMich about a year ago. It requires that you purchase the Qaultrics API licence and it does not work in Canvas because the do not yet support the LTI Settings service. We have paused further development on that tool in anticipation that Qualtrics said they are working on LTI support.

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I got a similar response from Qualtrics, but it's almost November now Smiley Wink


I saw that a few schools had Qualtrics' new LTI tool on in Test, but when I followed up for one of my schools, there were one or two kinks left to get straightened out. I would encourage you to work closely with your CSM and I believe the tool will be ready very soon.

With time, I also expect that Qualtrics will be updating their page on our partnerships portal: Certified Partner - Qualtrics

Hope that helps!

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Any updates on this?

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Instructure did a very brief demonstration of Canvas-Qualtrics integration during a breakout session at the Qualtrics Insight Summit in February. It appeared to be screenshots, or pre-recorded, but it seemed promising.

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We are currently beta testing this integration. Erin, maybe we could chat about it?

I'm happy to chat but I don't know much.  We have back burnered our efforts after seeing the price tag.  (!!)