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Qualtrics LTI

Does anyone have information about a possible LTI from Qualtrics?  I know that there are potential API integration opportunities but am hoping for more information.


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I just wanted to update what we have discovered regarding the Qualtrics integration with Canvas.  It is now officially working, but it is pretty clunky so I'm not sure if we will continue using it.  On the Qualtrics side, the user must create an API token and reset their password to get this to connect to Canvas.  Since this is unlikely to be something most faculty feel comfortable doing it may not be useful for us.  I would not characterize this as a true LTI integration.  I hope someone at Qualtrics is working on an improved version of this as we are heavy users of Qualtrics and there are a lot of potential uses of this.

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All. This is great feedback. I've just been tasked with setting up the Qualtrics' "LTI" in my Canvas Instance. Have there been any improvements to the tool since this last post?

Thanks for any additional info,


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Hi Lisa,

Qualtrics has pulled this plugin as it was not up to their standards.  We did, after much back and forth between Canvas and Qualtrics support, manage to get it working, but it was very awkward to use and not what I would consider a true LTI integration.  Our Qualtrics rep said they would be going back and working on development of an LTI for Canvas sometime in the next year.

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Thanks so much for this info.  I'll probably pass on it for now, then. Lisa

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How is this still not a thing?

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We (Ohio State) have had a couple of conversations recently with Qualtrics about a potential LTI integration.  It seems like they are fishing for use-cases? trying to get a handle on what institutions want?

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I'm talking to our new Qualtrics rep later this week so I'll see what he says.  Unless this is a true LTI with the option to create surveys as external tool assignments, it would not be very useful.  We have some specific use cases in which this would make workflow much easier.

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Hello Eric and all,

It looks like Qualtrics just recently launched a new LTI.

Qualtrics LTI integration with Canvas 

Looks a lot more robust than what they previously had.

Your Qualtrics CSM can get you a demo, I'm sure.


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Hi Brenda,

The new integration developed by Drieam (partnership with both Instructure and Qualtrics) supports the option to create surveys as external tool assignments. You can take a look at this introduction video:

You can request more information via, or reach out to me directly.