Question about linking outcomes to question banks and then adding to different quizzes

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I'm having trouble understanding the Outcomes feature on Canvas.  For my course, I have 5 learning outcomes and each outcome has several quiz questions.  I created a separate quiz bank for each learning outcome and linked the outcome to each respective bank. 

What I'd like to do now is take those questions and place them into different quizzes.  For example I'd like to take a few questions from outcomes 1, 3 and 4 and place them in Quiz 1.  Eventually all outcome questions will be used but will be parsed into separate quizzes.  


My question:

When I look at the outcome results in the Learning Mastery gradebook, will it be calculated on the number of questions pulled from the question bank OR will it be calculated based on the number of quizzes I made that include those outcomes?  As an example, my Outcome 1 has 4 questions.  I placed each question into 4 different quizzes.  Given my example, if I use the decaying average for my calculation, how will it calculate my outcome based on how I set things up?  Because it's from one question bank tied to Outcome 1, will it be considered "a single score" or will each question be considered separate scores.  Ideally, I'd like each of the questions to be counted equally for that outcome.  


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