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Dear Canvas Support,
Thank you for your reply to my previous question, and I am very sorry to bother you again. I was just wondering if I could ask a question regarding browsers that would support Canvas on an older Macbook Pro?
I have an old Macbook (about 5 years old) that uses version OS X 10.8. It won't let me download firefox or the latest version of Chrome, because a message appears saying that these browsers require OS X 10.9 and newer. I updated Chrome (I'm not sure if it updated to the latest version), and logged into Canvas. However, a message appears saying that I have an unsupported browser. The message then disappears after a few seconds, but then reappears when I click on a different section of Canvas. So far, Canvas seems to be working fine, but would I know if there was work missing/ aspects of Canvas which will deny access? There is not a group section visible on the left bar, but I don't know if this is because of the browser or not. 
Is there any way that I can download a browser which is compatible with OS X 10.8? If I downloaded macOS Mojave 10.14.6, would this then allow me to update browsers that are compatible with Canvas? Also, is the iPhone 6s compatible with the Canvas mobile app?
I am very sorry for my long email.
My Kindest Regards,
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Good Afternoon,

I am not a Canvas Support person but thought I would weigh in and try to help.  The Mac OS will determine the latest version of the Browsers that are supported.  So, in answer to the first question, normally updating the OS will allow browsers to be updated.  There are a few times that the hardware of the laptop is just too old and the browser will tell you this when you try and install it that you must have at least X to run this version.  

I have seen where 10.8 will not update to the newest versions from the native Apple update but if you google for the update you want, many times you can find what is called a "Combo Update" which is used to upgrade multiple versions at the same time (ie. not having to do 10.8 --> to 10.9 --> to 10.10 etc.)

Yes, an iPhone 6s will work fine with the Canvas app as long as you keep the iOS fairly up-to-date.  That is actually the same phone I have and it works fine.

Hope that helps a little!

Dear Nick Wilson,

Thank you very much for your reply - it is greatly appreciated.

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Hi, there,  @118227021 ‌. This isn't actually Canvas Support; this is a community of users like you who help one another out. (If you ever need to contact support, you'll find instructions in How do I get help with Canvas as a student?‌)

That being said, we will do our best to help you out. The "unsupported browser" messages are a warning that functionality may or may not be available in the browser you're using—so in essence, proceed at one's own risk. It's hard to know whether the missing Groups button is due to a browser issue or if you aren't actually enrolled in any groups in your courses (in which case, the Groups button would not display). So if you know that you're enrolled in at least one group, that is a troublesome warning signal.

I'm currently on Mojave 10.14.6; that's the most recent OS available for the Mac at this writing, so if your device will allow you to upgrade to that version, that is definitely the way to go.

I'm assuming that you are currently on iOS 12 on your iPhone 6s; if so, you will be able to use the Canvas Student app with no issue. Even better, the latest news out of Apple is that they plan to support iOS 13 on the 6s, which means that you should be able to continue to use the Student app on your phone for a while longer.

Hope this helps!