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Quiz Banks: Importing "pools from Blackboard" to "Canvas banks" creates exponentially large Canvas banks

Professor I'm working with says:

... the problem seems to be that the Quiz Banks in Canvas are required to be stand-alone, unlike in Blackboard, where a master pool can be created from sub-master pools. The Bb quizzes are coming over fine, but the pools in Bb, for example, of a 3000+ Pool become  a Canvas Bank of 250,000+ ...

Can any one help shed light on a strategy here?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @cmccann1 ‌

I think that you will have much better luck getting an accurate answer in the‌ group, so I will share your question with them.


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Okay it was simple in the end, just difficult to visualize. So the basic steps are:

In Blackboard

  • Make a new pool in Bb
  • Add all the pages and pages of pools to this one new pool
  • Submit > Export this single pool

In Canvas

  • Settings
  • Import Course Content
  • Content Type = QTI zip file
  • Choose File......
  • Keep "Options" unchecked
  • Default Question Bank > Create New...
  • Import


I am so glad you have got it worked out!

Not ideal with just one giant question pool in a Canvas classroom, but your faculty can create more meaningful separate pools, and move question items into them.  If you haven't found them yet, here are some helpful Guides you can share with your faculty:

I hope this helps,