Quiz Exemption: How do I assign a quiz for everyone except for 1 person?

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I have a teacher that is assigning a quiz to an entire section. However, 1 student will not be taking it until a later date. We don't want that single student to have access to the quiz at all (she's afraid of the student getting in, taking pictures, etc.). How do we assign a quiz to all but 1? We do NOT want to individually type every persons name except this 1 student. Thank you!!

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Howdy @sbevier !

Thanks for your question. In Canvas terms this is called a differentiated assignment. Basically you are assigning the quiz to everyone for one date/time interval and then 1 students another date time interval.


  • First, access the desired quiz or assignment.
  • Then click the edit button on the top right.
  • Once you’re in the edit page, scroll down to the “Assign” section of the Quiz/Assignment and click the “+ Add” which will open up a new “Assign to” section. [Make sure not to delete the “Everyone/Everyone Else” in the “assign to” text field.]
  • Then click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

Hope that helps,

Sky V. King


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