Quiz Questions not updating in Student View

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Good morning,

Here's the issue: After changes were made in a quiz, and tested in 2 courses, they're not updating for students' views though they look fine everywhere else.

  • We updated 2 questions in a single quiz.
  • These questions are in a group.
  • These questions are connected to a bank.
  • These questions were appropriately updated in the bank by hitting the save button.
  • We accepted the changes to the quiz itself when we were prompted to do so with that orange-red notice.
  • These questions appear CORRECTLY in the instructor's view, using the  preview mode.
  • These questions do NOT appear corrected/updated in the students' view. (Both the test student and actual students' views as they are taking the quiz)

In a course copy which had NO students, we did these exact same steps. The students' view (test student) updated.

This leads me to think that something about the fact that students had already taken it means that it didn't actually update anything.

Now, we were never prompted in the settings of the precise quiz itself to re-grade (e.g. by giving the point even to those who got it wrong, etc.) as we are when we change questions that aren't linked to a bank. This also leads me to believe that this is then a missing step between synching the bank to that actual quiz in spite of the fact that we were given the orange notice in the quiz itself to accept the changes.

How do we fix this, please?

Thank you.

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Hi @s_greathouse 

The bottom line is that once a quiz is submitted by a student, and changes to a quiz item will not be reflected in the quizzes already submitted unless it is a regradable question and the regrade process is used. The quiz is recorded as it was attempted by the student. The changes will be reflected, as you noted, for those students who have not yet attempted the quiz.

As for the presence or lack of a warning, I have no idea.


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