Quiz Student Analysis CSV file - what do the columns mean?

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The Canvas Guide page https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Instructor-Guide/Once-I-publish-a-quiz-what-kinds-of-quiz-statist... discusses the "Student Analysis" report that can be downloaded (both for quizzes and surveys).  The resulting CSV file does not have informative headers to enable you to work out the use of each column. (For example, some columns have the header "1" - very informative).

The Canvas guide has a link to a PDF https://s3.amazonaws.com/tr-learncanvas/docs/CanvasQuizItemAnalysis.pdf, The section titled "CSV Information" refers to a number of columns but I find that the information provided is almost unusable as it is impossible to relate the listed calculations and counts to the headers in the CSV file. I wish to provide a summary for staff so that they will be able to interpret their own download instead of having to spend a number of hours trying to work out what the CSV file means so does anyone have a summary of what each column in the CSV file represents?

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