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Quiz and Exam Import

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I have many resources for quizzes and exams and would like to import them into Canvas. Most are currently in Word.

The import function calls for documents consistent with the IMS QTI format.

What is the most time efficient way to import pre-existing quizzes into Canvas?

Is the a tool to convert from Word to IMS QTU format?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

One of the things that I like about Canvas is its reliance on software and tools developed by others. If someone else has developed a product that meets a particular need, it is incorporated into the suite of tools. However, there is a gap when it comes to the easy import of questions that already exist in an MS Word file. Respondus is a great program that helps meet this need, but relying on trial downloads and its lack of a MacOS option is tough for faculty know a lot about writing good questions but might be unfamiliar with Windows emulators or how to install both operating systems on a Mac.

I watched the presentation on Priority: Quizzes.Next that was done at InstructureCon 2016 and was happy to see that the developers are aware of the interest in bulk uploading of questions but am disappointed that it looks like it is not due for early release. The Canvas developers are amazing and surely could find a way to create a tool for creating QTI-formatted files. Even a simple "mark the correct answer in column B" .csv format would be a great start. Let's hope that something for bulk upload can be added soon.

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The Instructional Technology Services Department and San Diego State University has an online text to QTI converter tool. It's hard to imagine the developers at Instructure could not make something like this available. Regardless, the tool from SDSU works. Here is a link.

... and it's free to use : )

Thank you @jason_castaldo for this solution. I'm glad that the excellent developers at SDSU also shared links to the Markdown formatting instructions for the plain text file. With correct syntax (i.e., deliberate find and replace), converting an MS Word document to a QTI file is straightforward.

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Here is a video I made on how to convert a word file quiz into a canvas quiz. It's really easy! Hope it helps!


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