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Quiz answers - 80 character limit?

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Last week one of our instructors was working on the quiz tool but realized there was a new limit on the length of characters one can use in a quiz answer. She received a warning that there was an 80-character limit, which was not there before. Today, we tested this out again in the quiz tool by creating a new multiple choice question and the character limit warning no longer appears. Is this something Instructure has updated/fixed over the weekend? If so, is this a permanent? Will the students be able to read answer options with more than 80 characters?

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If a student has exceeded the character limit, are the additional characters accessible by administrators? And it is unclear if the warning on exceeding the character limit has been turned off or if it still operates. Can you clarify?

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I've wasted ton of my time trying to get around the issue caused by 80-character limit. Ok, I'm sharing what I experience and hope some here can help solve this problem.

For some quizzes I make, my answers are much longer than 80 characters. When you try to update the question, you get a warning saying over 80. You either have to shorten your answer---something I really don't want to do---or ignore it.

Once you ignore, you seem to be ok. However, watch this: your students' answers, longer than 80, are cut short, which ends up being given as Incorrect. 

Very frustrated. Why only 80 characters? Or why is there such a limit, in the first place?

Please help.