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Quiz answers said not saved before submitting

I had a final exam today, halfway through my connection was gone (despite still having wifi bars) for about 5 seconds. At this time, Canvas and my Zoom invigilation were reconnecting. I knew my internet was back when zoom reconnected.


I finished the rest of my exam and hit submit. However, I noticed that the auto-save function had noted that the answers were not yet saved. I know that there is auto-save when you submit an exam but I just need someone to tell me that my answers will be there.


Thank you

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @worriedstudent ...

You might want to reach out directly to your instructor for the class.  He/She would be able to confirm that all your quiz questions were fully answered or not.  We here in the Canvas Community do not have access to your Canvas course(s) or your school's Canvas environment, so this would be difficult for us to check for you.  In order to contact your instructor, you can follow this Guide: How do I get help with Canvas as a student? - Canvas Community.

I hope this will help a bit.  Good luck to you!

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