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Quiz grade not correct on student app but correct on parent and teacher app

Help!  I have a parent who emailed me a screenshot from her daughters tablet showing her daughter made a 15/15 on an assignment.  Her parent app shows 2/15.  The teacher side shows a 2/15.  When I look at the questions answers she obviously missed them and scored a 2/15.  Does anyone know why this might have happened?  Mom is saying it's not just in my class, it's also happening in two other courses.  As a team we have four teachers and 150 students - no student has reported this issue. 



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Community Coach
Community Coach

I don't mean to accuse the student of lying, but are you sure it's actually a screenshot from that students phone?  Is it possible at all that a different student created the screenshot, or that a different student account is logged in to the app on that device?  

If you or someone at your school has admin access to Canvas I would suggest logging in as that student with the Canvas Student app to see if you can verify.  Either Act as the Student on a computer and then log in using the QR code method on a iOS mobile device, or from the menu on the iOS Canvas student app there should be an option to Act as a User (if you are an admin).  

If you can verify it is showing a wrong grade then I'd suggest contacting Canvas support about it for them to take a look.  It's possible there is a bug with the Canvas student app causing this but if it were me I'd like to track it down and reproduce it before submitting a ticket.