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Quiz locked out in Module view on mobile

Hi, Canvas champions—

I'm noticing that when I view a class module on mobile using iOS, I am locked out of the quiz:


I can access them if I view them from the "Quizzes" tab, however. Any idea what's up here? To the best of my knowledge all the question types used in the quiz are supported by mobile on iOS (matching, multiple choice, true/false) so I don't think that's the issue.

Any ideas?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi bradhorn‌ ~ Thanks for taking the time to point this out! I will have to investigate this myself. In the meantime, I shared this question with‌ in hopes that other mobile enthusiasts can chime in.

Thanks a lot, Kristin. Should I monitor a conversation in the mobile community or will you report back on their findings? Thanks again.

bradhorn‌, one of the awesome things about "sharing" a question to a Community group is that responses from group members will appear right here; the only conversation you'll need to monitor is this one. Smiley Happy

Community Team
Community Team

I created a module with a few different item types, and I included a Quiz. I enrolled my "test student" into the course and I was able to access the quiz through the Quizzes tab and the Module from an iPad on iOS11.

bradhorn, when you're exploring your course, are you using a "test student" account, or are you browsing as an instructor? I found that when I explored the same course as an instructor but used the Canvas Student app, I could access the quiz through the Quizzes and Assignments tabs but not through Modules. (Just for the record, my Module does not have any prerequisites or requirements attached.)

It's an interesting find, for sure...especially since I can access Assignments and Discussions through Modules.

Woah. Funky. Glad to be of....uh.....service?

When I'm using the app I believe I'm viewing from instructor view (is there a way to change student/instructor view within the app? If there is I can't find it). But I guess I have no idea. If I use Safari I can access the quizzes from the module section with student view. So can you tell me: will students be able to access the quizzes from the modules while using the app, or no? And just since I have you: do you know if documents embedded via Google Drive are viewable with an iPad (they're not with an iPhone from what I've gathered)? Thanks, Kristin.

With the app, the best way to look at the differences is to Change User and switch between "you" and "test student" in the same instance. Otherwise, there are two different apps (Canvas Student‌ and Canvas Teacher‌).

I've had no issue with students viewing Google items that are embedded into Canvas content. However, I have run into issues with the LTI Tool (‌).

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Canvas TEACHER?! You're blowing my mind  @KristinL ! Ok, well that sure is helpful. Still, more than worrisome that students will be locked out of quizzes when viewing from the class's default view (Modules).

Regarding the other point, I don't know what the Google LTI actually is, but these are documents that I've embedded using the Google Drive dropdown in the Rich Content Editor. Those things are not appearing on mobile (neither the app nor safari on iOS).

When I tested the access to the quiz from Modules as a student on my iPad, I didn't have any issues. It worked! I only ran into the issue when I tried to access the quiz from Modules as an instructor on my iPad using the Canvas Student app. I think your students will be fine, but let the Community know if that's not the case. Smiley Happy

I'm so glad that I was able to introduce you to Canvas Teacher! It's a pretty sweet app, and there will be features that roll out in the coming months. 

If you embed the HTML code from the Google items (Using Google Docs for dynamic Canvas content‌), those show up fairly well for students using mobile. I sometimes need to adjust the HTML so it auto-adjusts to the size of the screen, but that's fairly easy to do. The Rich Content Editor uses the Google Apps LTI‌, and since LTIs can be a bit cumbersome for mobile, that's where the challenge comes in. While there is not an immediate fix available, know that Instructure's Mobile Team is aware of the speedbump.

Ok, all good to know. Thanks for all the help, Kristin.