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Quiz not showing up in "to do"

Quizzes with all questions self grading (e.g. multiple choice, true/false) don't show up as "To do" on the dashboard when submitted. How does a teacher know when a student has submitted the quiz without searching through Marks?

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 @campbell_oxland ,

If every question is self-grading, there is nothing for the teacher to do, so it doesn't show up.

Here are three solutions to avoid scrolling through the gradebook looking for things that have changed.

If knowing when a student has completed the assignment is important, then you can add an essay question to the quiz and make it worth 0 points. It could be an informative question like "How well do you think you did on this quiz?" or a fluff question like "Don't bother to answer this, it's just so I can tell that you've completed the quiz." It doesn't matter whether the student answers the question or not, it places it in your To Do list.

However, it also doesn't show the student their grade on the Grades page. Instead, it shows a rocket ship icon for the quiz. How do I use the icons and colors in the Grades page? 


If the student goes into the quiz, they can see their score.


And the teacher's guide comes with a warning: How do I create an Essay quiz question? 

Note: No credit will be assigned until you have evaluated the essay and assigned points in the Gradebook or SpeedGrader.

Sure enough, if you go into the gradebook, you will see the rocket ship there as well.


That means that the score isn't reflected in their grade until you manually grade the assignment.

That probably isn't an ideal approach, but if you want notification and are quick to get in and look at the quizzes, it may be acceptable.

Here's another that doesn't require you to alter the quizzes, but does require that you check to see if anyone new has completed the quiz. It will not notify you when a student has completed the quiz.

Go into SpeedGrader and click on the settings gear / cog


Choose to sort the student list by the date they submitted the assignment.


The names will be displayed in the list in the order they submitted the assignment with the first submission at the top and the most recent one down the list. They will have checkmarks next to the students who completed it. Here, Danny took the test first and James took it second.


Scroll down the list until you find ones that haven't been graded and then work backwards as far as you need to get those who have recently completed it.

If you allow multiple submissions, then the latest attempt will move a student from the top to the bottom. Here, Danny retook the quiz and is now at the bottom of the checkmarked group.



A third option is to [have someone] write code that will fetch the list of submissions and look for new submissions and display that to you somewhere. What constitutes a new submission would have to be defined, but the simpler approach would be to check for any within the last n days. This could be added to Canvas through a user script, but a simpler approach might be to run it on a server and send a notification to you once a day (or more often).

By the way, when I say "simpler", the second approach of changing the sort order in Canvas's Speedgrader is really the simplest approach, but it requires work on your part to monitor the assignments. If you have a lot of them like this where students aren't turning them in at the same time, then either the first or last might be a solution.

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Community Coach

Hi  @campbell_oxland ‌

 @James  has offered you three great suggestions, and I have a fourth...........

Navigate to the quiz, and choose "Moderate this Quiz" in the upper right corner. When the Moderate Quiz menu pops up, you will see a list of your students. The names of students who have completed are blue hyperlink, and the students who have not are straight black text. Lots of other great stuff and features on this page. You can learn more about moderation at 

I hope this helps.

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Hi all

I am having this problem within the Canvas Teacher App. I have been using the New Quiz feature on Canvas this semester. I create a mix of auto-graded and manual grading questions. The questions I grade manually are a mix of file upload questions and essay questions. 

None of these show up on my TODO list within the Canvas teacher app, despite the fact that my quizzes are not entirely automatically graded. 

The solutions presented (like checking each assignment with the moderate feature) is incredibly cumbersome. When I used old quizzes, all I had to was click on the TODO icon in Canvas and I could see what needed to be graded there. Without this as an option (and while teaching multiple classes with different content and due dates) it is difficult for me to keep up with Canvas grading. 

What can be done?

Ever find a solution? Having the same problem. What a bother. Why would the New Quizzes not show up on the To Do list????