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Quiz question regrade didn't change student scores

I've followed the instructions to regrade a multiple choice quiz question, but it doesn't look as though the student scores were changed at all in the Gradebook.  I also checked Gradebook history and it doesn't show the changes either. 

Is there another way to confirm the points were regraded properly?  I chose to give everyone credit for the question.


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On a related note, I am trying simply to change what is the correct answer in a multiple choice question in New Quizzes (i.e., fix my mistake in my "answer key"), after my students have taken the exam, but before I have posted the scores.

I followed the instructions here

but I can't tell if/ when the rescore will happen! At the end of that post, it says, "Once the questions has been regraded, you can view the original score [1] and the regrade score [2]." But when does that happen? Is there just a waiting period during which I keep checking back?