Quiz time limits, extended time accommodation, and auto submission

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I've setup a quiz with a time limit of 180 minutes . I've also specified "Available From" and "Available Until" dates that span a 3-hour window. I've read that quizzes will auto submit at the Available Until setting.

I have a student with extra time accommodation. I've gone into "Moderate" and given him 90 additional minutes. 

Here's my question: Will the additional time I've set in Moderate override the automatic submission that normally occurs at the Available Until time, or will it not auto submit until after the extended time expires?



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It will not! But down at the bottom you can select "add" and you can give that student his own time frame, i.e. extend it by 90 minutes. And the best part is the "everyone" defaults to "everyone else." So you just need to add that one student to his own group. Hope that helps!


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