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Hi Canvas Clan! 

I have noticed that unlike in the original quizzes feature when moving through modules to review items, using the next and previous buttons at the bottom of the page, does not allow for this feature. 

I understand that this is a plugin engine, but it is quite annoying that I cant scroll through all the pages in order, either I select return and then I am taken back to the assignment tab or I need to return to the modules page and skip the Quiz. 

Am I alone on this one, or could it be that I am missing something?‌ module creation‌ #navigation

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Community Participant

Following this as I prepare for possibly rolling out for our teachers

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @liam_gardner !  You are not missing anything.  The issue of module navigation with Quizzes.Next has been brought up before a few times.  You might find the following discussion interesting, particularly the responses from Kevin at Instructure.  Like you, I will appreciate this feature when added.

Will navigation get better between Canvas and Quizzes Next 

Best wishes!