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How do I designate the correct answer in a multiple choice question?


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This page has instructions for doing that:

Scroll down to the area for "Change Correct Answer".  Basically, hover over the answer that should be correct, and click the green arrow that appears.

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Community Coach

Hello @IkeNail …

I think @gpillsbury meant to give you a link to this page:

How do I create a Multiple Choice quiz question?

Also, if you are using New Quizzes instead, then you can use this Guide:

How do I create a Multiple Choice question in New Quizzes?

Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this…thanks!

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Yes, wrong copy-paste!  Thanks @chofer for catching the error.

@gpillsbury ...

You're welcome!  And here's an extra tip...once you paste in a link when responding (and the link is "active" so it is underlined), you can click on the link, and there should be a small menu that appears where you can click on the "A" icon ... which will change the URL into the name of the page.  That's something @Stefanie told me about a while back...pretty cool feature.

Thanks for helping answer questions!  I see you've been busy today!