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Hello, I have a simple question about quizzes. I currently have a quiz that has two attempts, if I am taking the quiz and then decide to leave it and then resume it later, does the timer keep running? Or does it pause the timer when I leave it and come back to it later? So for example I opened the quiz at 3 PM, I leave at 3:15 PM. Will the timer count the time when I am not in the quiz? I believe that this is not a timed quiz and it only has a deadline indicated on it. 

Another question, I exited the quiz and when I checked the quiz tab. It is indicated that their is a resume quiz button. If I click that button is it my first attempt or second attempt?


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According to How do I resume a quiz that I already started taking?, "If you navigate away from an unfinished timed quiz, the timer will continue running and the quiz will autosubmit when time runs out."

If it's not a timed quiz, the timer will count the time the from the quiz opening to it being submitted, including time that you've exited the quiz. 

As for your last question, the Resume button will display so you can resume your most recent quiz attempt. If you've completed a quiz attempt and have another attempt, you'll see the Take the Quiz or Begin button.  


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