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Randomizing Order of Quiz Questions

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how can i randomize the order of my quiz questions? (I know how to shuffle the answers -- but not the order of the questions)

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Wow... This post was written in 2015... and this features has not been implemented yet???

Every time I need something slightly out of the ordinary in Canvas the answer to the problem is always "Canvas can't do it, but there is a workaround..."

In question groups all questions have the same grade, this is not desirable at all.

 @i_oliveira , as you've noted, you've unearthed a very old discussion—and much has happened since then. If you'd like to shuffle all of questions in a quiz, that feature is available via a single click in the Quizzes.Next tool: How do I manage delivery settings for an assessment in Quizzes.Next?  The full set of documentation for Quizzes.Next is here.

Quizzes.Next is now available for all accounts, and first has to be turned on at the account level for it to be available to instructors to use in their courses, so if you'd like to start using it, please contact your Canvas admin for additional guidance.

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If you add the questions to a "question group," then I am not able to print off the quiz by importing it to Respondus campus-wide 4.0. So this "workaround" does not work for those of us who must also provide paper copies to students in class in addition to offering it online on Canvas.

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Just to clarify, randomizing the order of questions in a quiz (to get a groups-within-groups effect) is only available in new quizzes, not classic quizzes, correct?

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@Stef_retired  Were you able to see my question above?

@yoder1 Hi Jonathan! If I'm understanding the question correctly, then yes: a single top-down setting that allows the instructor to shuffle all of the questions in a quiz is exclusive to New Quizzes. For those still using Classic Quizzes, randomizing questions needs to be accomplished by using question groups.

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The last time that this has been mentioned on the boards is over six years ago.  Now, six year later,  in the midst of a global pandemic when the vast majority of classes have been moved online, this function is still not operable.  

As mentioned earlier, many questions with multiple points answers makes this work-around horrible.  


Moments like this really make me question how much the developers at Canvas pay attention to users.  

@MichaelB The product manager for New Quizzes has been actively engaging with community members to get their feedback about the development process, as have many other members of our engineering and development teams. I encourage you to look through the Canvas tl;dr blog with particular reference to Sue Sorensen's  Quizzes Planned Priorities and Roadmap 2021 post, and add your comments to help guide the process.

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I found a way to have both a random order of questions and randomized questions.

Random order is accomplished with a question group, where each student answers all the questions in a random order.

Random questions is accomplished Edit then Assign To specific students. I made 3 different quizzes and assigned each set to 33% of the students.