Re-submit Assignment - students access to viewing all submissions

Community Participant

Has Canvas LMS come up with an option for me, as an Instructor, while creating a new assignment and providing unlimited attempts for students' submissions in such a way that students can have access to (at least for their own viewing) their previous submissions?  This would really assist me with a simple way to 'de-clutter' all parts of a multi-part, semester-long assignment. 

Yes, I use the assignment groups.  However, this particular assignment has a good number of parts/submissions, and this seemingly simple feature can really help students keep track of their prior submissions. 

Apologies if I'm assuming too much about the simplicity of a feature like this.  It just seems that, if I can access students' prior submissions, why can't I design an assignment that offers the same access features for students' viewing?  It doesn't seem very student-friendly.  Thanks for any assistance, and additional apologies if somehow, somewhere, this feature is available and I'm just not aware of it.

Grateful, Michael Maguire - Faculty Associate, UW-Madison School of Human Ecology