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Re-take quiz options using question banks

I am interested in letting my students take a timed multiple choice quiz using a question bank to randomly populate the quizzes for each student. Then, I would like my students to be able to see which questions they got wrong without giving them the correct answers. Then, immediately following their first quiz attempt, I would like to let each student re-take the same individualized quiz untimed so they can discuss in small peer groups how to better answer the questions they got wrong. Ideally, I will have a higher total amount of points available for the first time they take the quiz with a lower total points available for the second time they take the same quiz (i.e. incentivize doing well the first time but still reward productive student discussions to get missed questions correct the second time around).

The parts I am having a hard time with are 1) making different time scenarios for the multiple attempts and 2) making different point options for each attempt of the same quiz (I don't want to do the average or highest default options). The use of my question banks with randomized pulling of questions makes it so I can't simple create two separate quizzes and have students take them in succession. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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