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Reading Logs, Books Read, and Discussions


Is there a feature in Canvas that allows students to record their reading logs, books read, and have discussions?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @kstewart1 ​...

There isn't really anything I'm aware of that would let students record their reading logs and book reads inside of Canvas.  I suppose, if this was something that you wanted your students to submit to you on a regular basis, you could set up a non-graded quiz or survey with multiple submissions allowed, and they could just fill it out for you every time they needed to update it.  But, maybe a better way to do this would be to use an embedded Google Docs form?  Here's what I'm envisioning.  Initially, you would set up a Google Docs form with some basic questions for your students to fill in (name, book title, summary, etc.).  Then, you could embed that form in a page in your Canvas course.  Student wouldn't even need to log in to Google.  They would just see the embedded form on your course page, and they could fill it out whenever they need to.  The responses are gathered in an Excel spreadsheet which is tied to your online Google Docs form.  Would that be an option that could work?

As for the discussions, Canvas has discussions.  You can create as many different topics (graded or not) as you want.  There's a whole bunch of information on Discussions here, and you can also fin a video on the same topic here: and Video Link : 1108 .

Finally, you have asked the same question in both the subject line and the body of your message.  In order to make your question more searchable here in the Canvas Community, I wanted to let you know that I'm going to modify the subject line (no need to repeat the body of your message in the subject line...think of it like composing an e-mail).  I will also be tagging your message with keywords.  This will allow others to easily search for your topic should they have similar questions.  If the revised subject line doesn't accurately reflect what you are asking in the body of your message, please let me know, and we can make any necessary changes.

Hope this helps!

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I am working with a teacher that was interested in creating a reading log. We explored the idea of using an embedded Google Doc. One of the thing he was looking for was a timestamp and that would allow him to ensure that the student is making entries over time rather that cramming a bunch all at once. There were some external options that we explored, but we didn't find any that met all that we really wanted. So we went with using Canvas Discussions using Groups. He created a set of groups with one person in each group and then assigned the Discussion as a Group Assignment.

Just our work around. I'd love to hear feedback from others on how they met their needs.

When you use a Google Form that is embedded in your course, once a person fills it out and submits it, the form logs a time and date stamp which you can view in the Excel spreadsheet that is associated with the Google Form...all within Google Docs.

Community Team
Community Team

 @kstewart1 , your question has prompted several suggestions and has taken on the form of an open-ended discussion. Inasmuch as no single response is ultimately likely to be considered the "Correct Answer," I've changed the format from a question to a discussion.