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Recency Grading Policy

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My district has implemented both a Proficiency-Based Learning scale and a "recency" policy, meaning that only the most recent assessment of a standard is used to calculate student grades. (No decaying average has certainly been interesting and has really helped some students who have made leaps and bounds of progress.)

My problem is that my students see two different grades: one on Canvas that is massively inaccurate and one on our official grade book that is accurate.  I'd like to get these grades to match between the grade books, but I'm not finding anything that would let me do that.

Is there a way to set this up as a grading policy in Canvas other than periodically going back to assignments and setting them to not count toward the final grade?

FWIW: I have enabled the mastery grading feature but I've never used it before so I don't know if that ultimately solves the issue or not...

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The only place I have seen an option for a decaying average is with outcomes, and there is a dropdown menu in each outcome that allows you to replace decaying average with either the most recent or the highest score.  (There is even an option to average only the scores above the score set for mastery once mastery has been achieved a set number of times.)  I don't outcomes, or the learning mastery gradebook much, but the learning mastery gradebook is an alternate view of grades that focuses on achievement of mastery rather than the specific score.  If you turn off the learning mastery gradebook, the focus will be on grades where a specific score is recorded.

For regular grading of assignments, the grade of the most recently submission is the default.  For quizzes, you can set the quiz to use the highest, latest, or average score in the quiz settings.