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We would like to utilize Big Blue Button, however, without the ability to record we cannot caption the session to be ADA compliant.  Is there a way to record the sessions?

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Hi Laura,

I am the product manager for BigBlueButton. While I work at Blindside Networks, the company that provides hosting for Canvas Conferences to Instructure, and can't speak on behalf of Instructure, I can respond to your question.

In the Free Tier version, the recordings do expire after 14 days and are not downloadable.   If you upgrade to the Premium Tier (check with your CSM on the details), the recordings are permanent and video files.

As a video file, you can download the video and upload it to another service for captioning.

If you also have Studio, you can have your Conferences recordings (Premium Tier) automatically shared with the instructor. From there, you can use Studio to generate captions for the recordings.

Regards,.. Fred

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